5 tips on How to Get Out of An Unhealthy Toxic Relationship

Do you feel trapped and don’t know how to take new action in your life?
Is your life on hold because you are waiting for other people to change?
Do you find yourself saying, “if only I could meet the right people, If I could live my life over again, If only I had money, If only I could do what I want?”  If only…If only…

1. Pay attention to your truth and stop making excuses
We all know our truth and yet we avoid honoring our truth.  We suspend taking action based on our truth because we are waiting for other people to change.  By hiding from our truth our lives stall out, and we remain disappointed.  Speaking your truth will keep you humbled and do your heart a world of good.   Embrace your truth, when you hear it and feel it.  Become truthful with yourself first.   Take the wheels on your ship and become the captain in your life. Learn to live authentically.

Keep it Simple Start with Baby Steps

2. Trust your intuition-that is the key to your core self
I believe my intuition is my calling to honor my inner voice.  Sometimes I feel it is God speaking through me, a power greater than myself.  It’s the voice you hear deep inside.  As you learn to trust your intuition you will experience life with more love.  When our core speaks and you pay attention, your life will change.  Shift your consciousness from the outside of yourself to the inside of yourself so you are led by your intuition.   Learn to trust your instincts.

3. Surround yourself with like minded people (positive people)
Learn to walk away from people and situations that are negative.  It is so much healthier to “Think” first and not react with unkind words.  Practice “Detachment” so you are not being affected by other people’s adverse treatment of you.  Surrounding yourself with like minded positive people will raise the bar in your life.  Know your negotiables and non negotiables in relationships. Stand true to your principles; these are your boundaries which we must have in our lives.  Don’t allow negativity to rule your mind or your good spirit.  Develop relationships with people that love and value themselves.  You learn from others how to love yourself.

Stop going to an empty well expecting to quench your thirst

4. Take better care of yourself – create good intentions
Design your own life prescription.  Choose activities that are a genuine expression of who you are.  As you think about selecting activities, consider how to meet your physical, mental, emotional/social, and spiritual needs.  List at least 3 activities in each category.  In doing so, you are creating more balance in your life.  Take charge and engage in activities that make you feel super good about yourself.   There is significant power to be gained in knowing how to value leisure time and make healthy choices in free time.  Learn how to have fun; become silly, and give yourself a break from all the tension and stress.  As we practice taking better care of ourselves we become more comfortable in our own skin.

Change will occur when you learn how to focus on yourself.

5. Feel your feelings – they are transitory – they come and go.  You only become a prisoner to your emotions when you ignore your feelings.
The myth about feelings is that people believe expressing their feelings of pain will kill them.  Ironically, not feeling your emotions will kill you in one way or another.  Resisting emotions creates toxicity.  Honoring your feelings opens the door to your heart and your soul.  A lot of what we hold onto emotionally is old beliefs that have shaped us falsely.  These old beliefs were imposed on us early on in life where we made them as truths.  Not so as grown adults.  It is time to dispel those old beliefs that we carry in our back pockets as life scripts.  Tear the scripts up and rewrite your story to the here and now.  Let go of the tight reign you hold onto with your emotions.  Expressing your emotions will heal you.

When you hit the wall, don’t resist, instead find Grace and Patience.

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