I have immediate openings for tele-therapy video or phone sessions and am available to support you now and throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

How do we gain a sense of control when we have lost so much control? 

Life looks very different now for each of us.

Some common emotions that we struggle with are:
A loss of what we knew to be so certain in our lives
Sadness that can emerge out of nowhere
A lack of motivation sets in
Struggling with substance abuse 
Feeling trapped in your environment 

Common behaviors are:
Insomnia, overeating and oversleeping
Sense of scarcity with finances

Feeling guilty for being unproductive
New pressures with children being home-schooled
Overwhelmed by the media and the influence it now has on your life

 One shared commonality we have is life has been turned upside down from how we knew it…
How do we cope with that enormity?

Important questions that we are in search of learning are: How do we gain control over our lives?  What does a new routine look like that inspires me to be healthy and remain on track with my personal/professional goals?
How do I put my emotions into perspective so I can be kind, gentle, and patient with myself?
How do I accept my life today?  What if I can’t accept my life circumstances?
What if I can’t turn my life around since COVID-19? Are you more exhausted today?

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