Do you find you are unable to focus on yourself 
because you are in a toxic relationship?

It is time for you to gain control of your life!

A lack of control over one’s life becomes unmanageable.
What does this look like?  It is very difficult to keep the focus on yourself.

Common feelings are:

Chronic depression
Frequent stress
and Hopelessness

Common behaviors are:

Over eating
Over spending
Issues with substance abuse
and other ways to numb the pain

Often, you know what your issues are when you feel unmanageable, but you haven’t gained the courage needed to change your circumstances.  You certainly have the answers for others but you fall short when it comes to taking care of yourself.
I’ve been where you are, and I honestly get it if you believe there is no way out.  Absolutely, I am here to tell you that life is good and full of hope.

In my own journey, once I made the decision to climb upward I steadily found my way.  I called my life the “Vertical Climb” out of the problems into solutions.  My solutions are so solid today because I became willing to practice new behavior.
It’s important to learn how to be patient with ourselves because there are no quick fixes when it comes to reshaping our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes.  I am here to tell you that I can support you through your depression, loneliness, resentments, self-hatred, intense fears, and addictive lifestyle patterns.


It’s the daily practice that brings the progress in our life.

Now, I have claimed a life that I control and manage that is mine.  I am full of love, wonder, and I take amazingly great care of myself.

I can help you reach this place too!

I will meet you exactly where you are on your road and begin joining with you to hear your story.  Together we will design a plan that will help you build a meaningful life.  If you are Honest, Open, and Willing that becomes the HOW your life will begin to change.

I am here to support you to find your power and meaning in your life.


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