Hi, I am Nancy Bortz, M.A., a Psychotherapist in Denver, CO.

Personal Beliefs…

I believe that emotional change is possible. I know that to be true because of how my life is today and the life progress I have witnessed in my clients’ lives. Therapy is an incredible journey of self discovery and designed to be a collaborative partnership between the therapist and client.  Anything that you have to share is important for me to hear and extremely valued. Our relationship is built on trust, honesty, openness, willingness and gratitude. Therapy will provide you clarification, a direction for a new path and the courage to embark on unknown territory.  

We are all creatures of habit. Therapy is a springboard to break through some bad habits which have limited your full potential.  Being in a rut is a no win situation and leaves us feeling out of control. When our lives become unmanageable it is time for professional support. It’s easy to get trapped into a negative lifestyle and it can happen either quickly or over time. I am here to support you and break through these roadblocks- to clear the path- to make healthier choices. Please remember that therapy is a sign of strength not weakness.  It starts with a decision on your part to desire change. I am that professional that can open up your heart once again, where you can begin to live freely and practice some peace of mind.  

My experience and expertise is highly creative. Your sessions are customized to meet your individual needs. I listen very carefully and together we specialize in creating a plan that will encourage positive life changes. I am very passionate about developing a stronger sense of who you truly are and want to be in your life. It’s time to take the leap of improving your life and I’m here to do it with you. Your life is not a dress rehearsal; this is the real deal.  Supporting you will be my honor as your chosen therapist.

My Background

My professional background is diverse and extensive. My undergraduate degree is a BS in Therapeutic Recreation from University of Maryland. I obtained a Master’s Degree in Agency Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from University of Northern Colorado. I have been counseling individuals, families, and couples for more than 20 years.

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