My Approach to Therapy

My mission is to provide customized life changing tools while incorporating personalized care
to empower you to lead a more productive and vibrant life.

I use an interactive approach that builds a shared positive experience between therapist and client. My goal is to have each client to feel the freedom to express any struggle they have in life. Whatever brings you into therapy it’s important to feel heard and understood. 

My style is to be fully engaged with my clients so that they walk away from their session(s) with a sense of direction, a greater life purpose, as well as a stronger sense of self. I provide resources and assignments that will strengthen the therapeutic involvement as well as help continue the therapeutic journey at home. Together we become proactive in fostering the changes that you seek.  Working with me you will gain life skills that help enhance the quality of your life while creating coping skills for conquering any obstacles that come your way. 

I work with a variety of populations, of various ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and genders. 

Fee Structure:

One hour individual session $80       90 minute session $120

One Hour Couples Session $100       90 minute session $135

One Hour Family Session $110          90 minute session $150

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