Depression/Anxiety Assessment

Over the last several months, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems listed in the questionnaire?

__ Yes  __ No   1. Has a relative or friend been concerned about your depression/anxiety levels?

__Yes  __ No  2.   Do you have little interest or pleasure in doing things?

__ Yes  __ No   3.  Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeping too much?

__Yes  __No  4.    Do often remain in relationships/job until your last hope is gone?

__Yes __ No   5.   Feel bad about yourself where you have let yourself or your family down?  

__Yes  __No  6.    Have you lost relationships due to your depression and anxious emotions?

__ Yes  __No   7.   Do you believe you have no right to express what you think and feel?

__ Yes  __ No   8.   Do you feel a lack of control over your internalized emotions?

__ Yes  __No   9.     Do you have a poor appetite or are you overeating?

__Yes __ No   10.    Do you feel that your life is unmanageable due to uncertain times?

__Yes  __No    11.   Do you have trouble concentrating on things and overwhelmed with procrastination?

__Yes  __No    12.   Does your alcohol consumption increase when you are stressed? 

__Yes __ No   13.    Are you holding onto a lot of secrets that are causing you emotional harm?

__Yes__ No    14.    Do you find yourself lying to cover up your emotions of depression or anxiety?

__ Yes  __No   15.   Are you more fidgety or restless – unable to sit still and be?

__ Yes  __ No  16.   Has the isolation from family and friends taken a toll on your mental health?

__Yes  __ No   17.   Are you able to manage your time or does time manage you?

__ Yes  __ No  18.  Has your career path been cut short from COVID-19?

__Yes  __No   19.  Is your financial situation causing you to feel anxious and worried?

__  Yes  __ No 20.  Is your mind over saturated from viewing too much media?

If you answered yes to 50% of these questions schedule a free consultation with me to evaluate your concerns.